I started my career in Television as an editor working on some of the most truly innovative TV. It was through sculpting work for other directors that I learnt how to visually express myself. Now I work on large-scale events and big TV shows as a Director but have never forgotten that early training - It gave me the confidence to be spirited with ideas and their execution. This is pretty much what I'm renowned for today - the ability to come at issues creatively from different angles and create something beautiful from the unexpected. Ultimately, I have my own distinctive style yet I try never to approach any two shows in the same way and I do this because simply it keeps me creatively fresh.

I have been nominated for 3 Grammy awards now but I can never say that any particular programme I make is the highlight of my career, because each time I make a show there is something in it that brings a creative smile to my face.

These days I seem to be in demand as much for my creative direction as I am for my multi camera directing skills. I hope this continues because it's something I love.